AI Hates Vaneet Sharma



We entered vaneet sharma in bing ai

the result
even ai knows vaneet is a fraud

Vaneet Sharma, the self-proclaimed astrologer and vastu expert, has been making waves in the Bay Area. However, his reputation is far from celestial. Let’s delve into the intriguing saga of Vaneet Sharma and his controversial practices.

  1. Astrology Scams:

    • Vaneet Sharma claims to possess a fake PhD degree in astrology. He preys on vulnerable clients, convincing them that their health will deteriorate or they’ll meet an untimely demise unless they follow his costly recommendations.
    • Charging a hefty $250 per hour, he insists on multiple sessions throughout the year. It’s a lucrative business model that exploits people’s fears.
  2. Bogus Vastu Techniques:

    • Vaneet’s vastu advice is nothing short of absurd. He once convinced someone to change their wooden door to a metal one, only to later recommend installing a mysterious rod in their house.
    • His clients were coerced into redoing carpets, windows, paint, and even constructing a backyard waterfall—all under the guise of vastu corrections. Contractors, allegedly handpicked by Vaneet, profited from these unnecessary changes.
  3. Gemstone Scams:

    • Vaneet’s fortune largely stems from selling worthless gemstones to unsuspecting clients. These stones fetch thousands of dollars each.
    • When dissatisfied clients complain, he conveniently suggests they need another gemstone. Rinse and repeat—Vaneet’s pockets grow fatter while their wallets grow thinner.
  4. Legal Troubles:

In summary, Vaneet Sharma’s path is paved with deception, exploitation, and legal battles. If you encounter him or his website,, proceed with caution. Your hard-earned money deserves better than this fraudulent astrologer.

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